Sunday, June 3, 2007

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Wow, my first comment on a blog I wrote! "Anonymous" - thank you! I really appreciate your kind note. I hope you write again!

Well, it's Sunday and I am going to force myself away from my home office and get out there!

I'm taking Pearl the Wonder Dog with me to the free Austin Symphony concert tonight in the park. Nice socialization - and it's strings, so it should be relatively peaceful. When they do percussion, we may sit a little farther from the instruments.

My good friend Lisa Starr with the Austin Humane Society wrote me that I'm profiled in the June issue of Austin Woman. I completely forgot about the article that Tonyia Cone was writing. I'm going to swing by a Half Price Books and pick a couple up. (One for my parents, naturally.)

I'm excited about Cafe Woof's debut this Tuesday on FOX at 8:45 am. If I can wrangle my new space age cable, I can tape it with just a few pushes of a button. I hope they'll end up showing it online. I wrote about the taping in my May 29th blog, but then, I wasn't adept at getting it online, so it's somewhere in blog-land on some super blogging website. I think our webmaster will be able to skew it and drag it to our website so y'all can read it. It's fun to read about these things behind the scenes.

Next month (it's a monthly this point - world domination, here we come!) I want to show people how to adopt a dog from a shelter. I would REALLY like to do this with someone who will actually go through the process and take the dog home - truly adopt it. Any volunteers? If so, contact me at

A good deal of it takes place BEFORE you even get to the shelter. This is the part where we look at your lifestyle and think about the kind of dog that fits it. Jogger? Small kids? Gone a lot? (If the last, get a teddy bear - Whew, I'm sassy! Must be the just one tiny piece of chocolate I found on my desk and made home for.)

Anyway, you know what I mean. Adopting a dog is a commitment. You and the dog will be much happier when you spend time with it. Just like a marriage, that's kind of the point, right?



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