Monday, April 23, 2007

Results from the Mighty Texas Dogwalk!

Despite severe thunderstorms and hail the previous night, and wind gusts in excess of 30 mph that morning, the Mighty Texas Dog Walk drew huge crowds. Overall, there were nearly 3,000 walkers.

Looking around, there were dogs of every size and breed represented, with an equally diverse group of people who brought them. However, all were there to enjoy a 3-mile stroll, while also helping to financially support Texas Hearing and Service Dogs with donations and sponsorships totaling over $80,000. Happily, there were quite a few Hearing and Service Dog graduates, who participated along with their trained canine alumni.

Texas Hearing & Service Dogs extends are heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful dog lovers who brought their best friends to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk! Also, huge thanks to our sponsors, staff and volunteers, and to the generous people of Sunset Valley who welcomed us as guests in their lovely city.

Dogwalk Pictures!