Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sheri's blog - June 5th Cafe Woof is Born!

Wow, the show turned out great. Cafe Woof is born!

FOX ended up showing it at 7:22 am instead of later when I thought it was going to be on. Complain? Not me! I'm happy they're interested and I got it on tape. Hopefully, it will be on their website soon and I link it to ours so everyone can see it.

Actually, I think more people watch it earlier. I've already gotten 2 calls - one from a woman whose daughter wants to volunteer and another from a man who wants to buy THSD t-shirts. How 'bout that!

I would have completely missed it, but thanks to "my fiance" Dennis Antolik who called to tell me it was about to air, I was seated on the couch w/ my co-star Pearl the Wonder Dog, ready to take it all in. In the spot, Dennis proposes to me, only to be ignored while I reward Pearl for a lovely down. He mentioned he noticed I wasn't wearing his ring in the following shots. It was a lovely $20 emerald cut solitaire, discounted to $12. No - I didn't ask what he spent on it! I bought it myself for the scene. It's about 3 sizes too big, but I needed a ring box and that was the only way I could get one.

ANYway, the spot looked great. I'm very happy with it. It got the information across in a lively, organized way that made sense.

I can't wait to do the next one!

Btw, I'm also in the June issue of Austin Woman, a free magazine you can find at Half Price Books and lots of other places around town. It's a nice profile written by Tonyia Cone. Page 78.

Okay - today we have a staff meeting at the training center. Then tomorrow is our airport tour for the Austin Animal Attraction photography exhibit there. It's displayed across from the restrooms near the foodcourt across from the escalator down to baggage claim. Got that? ;)

Then, later that day, I pick up a woman from another Assistance Dog group who is doing our inspection for accreditation for Assistance Dogs International. It's an all day inspection of paperwork, procedures, the buildings, etc. to give us the "OKAY Seal of Approval" from ADI, our association of training organizations. We're ready for it. Bring it on!

Zippity Doo Dah, I'm ready for the weekend already. Hmmm, half a cup of coffee left - that's what's missing.

Talk to you soon!


humom said...

I, too, would like to buy a t-shirt or two. Where's the order page?
BTW, we talked about using Alaskan Malamutes as service dogs. Have you given it any more thought? ;-) I see you're using Sibes now ...

THSD Web Team said...

Thanks for your comment!

You can buy shirts by emailing Ann@servicedogs.org with your order.

We've used some Siberians and Siberian mixes over the years. They are regal and they know it! We've found we have an easier time with the dogs that are more hard-wired to want to serve people, so we've concentrated on them. We've learned the dogs the trainers love to train because they are a a challenge - "Trainer Dogs" are often the opposite of the dogs that we feel most comfortable placing with the eventual recipient whose life depends on a strong bond and unflagging will to serve.

We haven't used any Malamutes to date. There are a ton of labs at the shelters. Statistically, we end up with them a lot.