Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Yet again, I find myself wishing I was a 13 year old boy so I could figure out how to do these blogs without having to try the patience of our brilliant webmasters going down a lot of high tech rabbit trails. Well, we're finally here so that's good. I should be able to do this now fairly smoothly.

Today I caught up on lots of paperwork and sent out two more grant applications. Fundraising has three main parts: individual donations, special events and grants. The individual donations are the backbone of it all, but you have to supplement those with special events like the Mighty Texas Dog Walk and Polo 4 Puppies plus the term papers of fundraising - grants.

With the new building almost up and new trainers about to be interviewed for two job openinngs, my Spidy Sense is saying, "More donations NOW!" So foundations, here we come.

It's actually feeling good to write these because I can brag about how awesome our staff and grads are and include the latest pictures of trainers working with new recipients and dogs. That always makes me feel fantastic.

People wonder why I run and do other fitness things - belly dancing is the latest. It's to help me calm down and stay strong as I take on this enormous responsibility. The responsibility of steering and fueling this wonderful organization. Lots of outstanding people put their lives in our hands. You gotta stay strong, motivated, optimistic and healthy to do this right.

It's been nearly 20 years, so I know I'm doing a lot of things right. The challenge now is to surpass everything I've ever done. Piece of cake! Mmmm, cake! Gotta go - frosted Mini Wheats are almost as good. Anything with frosting is a winner in my book.



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Anonymous said...

You are doing a wonderful thing, many people support you and admire your commitment. Beautiful picture and keep feeling the burn