Thursday, November 26, 2009

Juneau's Journal 11/26/09

Today is Thanksgiving, whatever that is. Sheri has been next door most of the day and I can smell the most intoxicating aromas wafting from over there. I think they eat animals there - Sheri doesn't, so there are things to smell that are new to me. I'm very interested, but of course, I like being here the best.

I am feeling so much better these days. I hardly cough at all and I am finally getting to go on very short walks with Sheri and her border collie Pearl. It's a little weird because we are on a dirt jogging trail instead of what I am used to - going through our neighborhood. I get a little nervous when people run up behind me. I start breathing a little harder and you can see my cheeks fluff out a little. Sheri gives me treats when those people run by. She calls them joggers. It seems like they are being chased because they are running, but there is never anyone chasing them. Weird! But I am learning that when they come by, I get a treat, so I'm sort of kind of starting to be okay with them.

Every once in a while, someone with a dog walks towards us. Sometimes the dogs are large and sometimes they are little. I don't know any of them, so I am very aware of them. Sheri gives me a treat as they approach. If their owner is giving them too much leash and letting them get close to me and Pearl without asking Sheri, Sheri just moves us to the grass next to the trail, asks us to sit and gives us treats. These treats have a way of making things seem okay.

Oh wow, I forgot to tell you - almost - I had the biggest breakthrough two days ago!

You remember how I was always scared to get into the car? Sheri would climb in first - and then, of course, I wanted to be with her and I trusted her, so I'd get in after her and we'd just sit there for a while. Well, on Monday, I was so excited about driving out to the little jogging trail, that after Pearl hopped in, I just climbed in right after her! I forgot all about being scared of getting into the car. I mean, there were always treats in the car, and we always went somewhere fun in the car, plus, gosh, I'd ridden in the car a bunch of times now, so what was there to be scared of? The car is fun!

So I just hopped in and sure enough, we went to the jogging trail and took a walk. We did it again Tuesday and again today! I even climbed in through the back hatch when it was open. Sheri was so happy. She gave me treats each time. She was sort of teasing me, saying, "I thought you were scared of the car. You're not scared of the car! You're such a brave girl."

So all of that bravery, the yummy smells in the neighborhood, the people next door dropping by to heat rolls in the oven, the walks - oh yeah, and eating my meals in the bathtub (I'll save that for another story), I'm just exhausted. A really good kind of tired.

So, they tell me that today is about being thankful. Well, I was thankful from the very first day I got here 6 weeks ago. I still wag my tail when I drink fresh water out of a bowl. It's there any time I want it. I wag my tail when I see Sheri putting my food into my bowl. She likes me to sit still while she does it, but inside, I'm wagging my tail. I even wag my tail when I am sleeping and I hear her voice.

I know she loves me and I am thankful for that. I hope she knows it. I try to show her all the time. Wagging my tail, snuggling up for a pet, rolling on my back and smiling - that's how I say "Happy Thanksgiving".

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