Friday, December 4, 2009

Juneau's Journal 12/4/09 - About Town

Wowee, zowee, I have been a busy busy dog this past week!

You won't believe the places I've gone.

First, Sheri and her co-worker Bobbi took me to an art exhibit in Johnson City. It was at the Carol Watson Studio Gallery. Ms. Watson was having an art auction to help Texas Hearing & Service Dogs, the place that Sheri and Bobbi work for.

We drove 45 minutes in Sheri's car. I'm totally used to it now, so I hopped right in. There was a lot of stuff in the back where I was because Sheri and Bobbi were setting up a booth. There was a fold up table, lots of boxes of toy Service Dogs, a big black zippered case and everyone's coats and purses. I just made myself cozy and enjoyed the ride!

We got there and Sheri and Bobbi set up the booth at the exhibit. It was lots of neat photographs that Carol Watson took all over the world. My job was to lay on a mat at the booth and look calm and pretty. Sheri and Bobbi and everyone I met that night said I did a great job. Carol's assistant Matt photographed me and promised to send Sheri the pictures. I can't wait. I've never been photographed by a real artist before! When I get them, I'll show you the best ones :)

Well, that night in Johnson City, they had the big Christmas parade. Sheri and Bobbi took me to see it. It was just down the block from the Watson art gallery. It started after dark and wow, was it an experience, especially for a shy dog like me! It was around the town square. There were cowboys riding real horses. They shot their guns into the air! That was very loud. I flinched when I heard the shots but Sheri was right by my side telling me it was alright, so I let the fear pass and focused on Sheri and looking at everything around me.

There were big wagons with lights all over them carrying elves and princesses. There were motorcycles going "vroom vroom"! Again, very loud. There were ambulances covered with lights. They sounded their big horns and sirens - that was loud, too. Probably the loudest things I've ever heard. I flinched a little like last time, but tried to stay calm. Sheri noticed I was a little uncomfortable with cowboys shooting guns, motorcycles vrooming and ambulances blaring - all right in front of me, so she and Bobbi took me back to the art gallery after that.

I hung out there and let people pet me. Sheri told everyone I was working to help children at Child Protection Centers and i was very proud.

And that brings me to our next trip, which took place three days later.

This time, Sheri and another co-worker, Debbie, and I drove almost four hours in Sheri's car. Sheri thought I'd go to sleep, but I wanted to see everything so I sat up in the back and looked out the windows for most of the time. A car goes so much faster than a little dog can. A little dog could never see as many things walking around as she could riding in a car. It was all so interesting.

We drove to a town called Cleburne. It is near Fort Worth. We visited a place called the Child Protection Center. It was a very nice, cheerful place with colorful carpet and chairs in purples, reds, yellows, blues and greens. I just layed right down in the lobby. It was so cozy, especially because it was cold, grey and raining outside.

Sheri introduced me to a man named Drew. He works at this place. His job is to talk to children about things that have happened to them. These things are really bad and talking about them is difficult for the children. They can feel sad or scared or angry just thinking about these things. A dog like me would help them feel better. They can pet me or hold onto my leash. A dog like me would let them know they are loved and safe and have someone in their corner.

Drew took all of us to the room where he talks to kids. It had two big chairs and a tiny table with two little chairs. Some children may be very young and like the little table and chairs because that fits their size. Other children may be older or bigger and like a grown up chair. I just settled right down on the carpet. Lots of Drew's co-workers came by to meet me and Sheri and Debbie. I liked them. They petted me and I just stayed down on the carpet. Sheri didn't even have to ask me to, I just figured that was the thing to do. It seemed natural.

At one point when some of the other people were talking, Drew whispered to Sheri, "How do you get her to do that?" and Sheri just smiled and said, "We pick good dogs!"

She did, didn't she!

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