Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Committed to the Blog

Hiya Everyone,

I'm back and committed to keeping an ongoing blog.

Seems that blogs are supposed to be quick little remarks, not essays. Okay, fine.

Today - gave a 9:30 am presentation to a college class at Southwestern U in Georgetown. Just an hour drive each way, but the professor was nice enough to give me a Starbucks gift certificate.

Groovily, our grad Service Dog team Amy Litzinger and Karma joined me in the presentation. Amy's a student there. She hit a home run talking about her experiences with Karma and showing off some behaviors. I appreciated the students' attention and thoughtful questions. I hope we get some of them as volunteers.

This afternoon, I met with our graphic design artist for our new van. We're going to wrap it in graphics like we did the Scion XB. So we met to photograph SD team Chris Hyatt & JJ near downtown. We'll be showing a "before" photo of a black lab at a shelter with an "after" photo of him as Chris' Service Dog. I really want to bring home the message of "Strays to Stars". I'll put up some drafts of the van once Rick gets them to me.

We're hosting a quasi military event in December - Inner Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC). What's that? It's different organizations that provide services to military personnel and their families. I just attended one in San Antonio last week at St. Mary's. The theme was "Invisible Injury" and it was about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and other things that don't show on the surface but are very profound conditions.

We need a theme for ours, seating for at least 100 guests, tables for exhibitors, two meals for everyone and some really cool speakers. I want us to take this to the next level. Interesting, lively, informative, moving - lots of WOW. It will be Thursday, Dec. 4th.

Okay, obviously, I can't write a short blog. Tough - maybe they'll decrease when I write them more often.



Sheri Soltes
Founder & President

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Anonymous said...

Long posts are great, the more we hear about what you all are doing the better, thanks for the updates!