Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 Exciting Things!

Hi Everyone,

Did you miss me? It took me this long to figure out how to do these blogs after getting back from the holidays. I mean the December holidays!

Okay - let's get to it. Here are 5 Exciting Things happening at THSD. Don't miss them!

1. Your Engraved Stone Paws and Engraved Foundation Bricks are now installed! They are the first thing you see when you walk into the Training Building & Visitors Center.

Don't worry, we won't be walking all over your good name. They are part of the natural rock columns holding up the roof to our new covered wheelchair accessible front porch. The inscriptions really are quite moving. Come see for yourself!

2. The Toy Dogs are coming! Tomorrow I go to San Antonio to view the latest samples of our toy Hearing and Service Dogs. High quality plush replicas of eight of our all time favorite graduate dogs, each one has a storycard attached with each dog's stats and bio.

This is our special 20th Anniversary project - 2 years in the making! I can't wait to get them in your hands!

3. Did someone say "ACTION!"? Elephant Productions is filming a public service announcement about THSD starring Service Dog team Chris Hyatt and JJ. Part will be filmed at Chris' home and part at local favorite BookPeople. Our goal is to show more people what service dogs do to encourage them to apply for a dog.

4. Caffeine makes everything better - yes? That's why we're looking for tables and chairs to furnish Cafe Woof. We need three round tables that seat either 2 or 4 people, plus chairs. We are striving for a bistro look - something charming. If you can help, please call me at 512-891-9090 or email me at Free cup-o-coffee for every table or chair donated. Okay, I'll throw in a dozen donuts from GG's in Dripping Springs - you like sprinkles, don'tcha?

5. After a miserable week, the only fever I now have is to do a great job for Texas Hearing & Service Dogs and for you!


Yes, you!


Sure. You're the one reading this. You're the one who donates or just takes the time to read what's going on at THSD. Your good thoughts keep us going.

You might have one of our dogs. You might be one of our dogs. (Yes, they do read blogs.)

You might be my mom, or a friend of mine. You're someone's friend and family member and you're loved by your dog or other pet and by lots of people who know you. When you think well of us, so do all of them. So, yes, I want to do a good job for anyone and everyone who supports us in any way - from writing a check to thinking a good thought - you deserve excellence, integrity, enthusiasm and results.

For more exciting events, see our calendar and don't forget to subscribe to our monthly e-news. Just write and write "subscribe".

Love you,


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