Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nobody slept last night

Yesterday we had a meeting - me, the training staff and our facility manager. We were discussing a dog behavior issue - what happened, what to do about it - all pros and cons.

At times, most of us got pretty emotional. We kept reminding ourselves to focus on the issue and not let our passion for our view of what was right distract us from objectively examining the issue.

After 2 hours, we concluded the meeting. It was beyond quitting time for the day. We didn't make a decision. The purpose of the meeting was just to sort through all of the factors.

I didn't sleep much last night. I kept tossing and turning thinking about what we talked about and how to solve it. In my half conscious state, I did get emotional and my mind kept relentlessly factoring information and formulating solutions.

Today I spoke with our Facility Manager. She didn't sleep either.

Later, I spoke with our Training Director. She also had spent a restless night without any sleep.

I smiled.

Isn't that great!


Because each of us cares so darn much about this organization and about every person and animal that comes through it, that we were each disturbed to the point of sleeplessness. That shows true devotion. True caring. True selflessness.

We will continue to work out the solution to this particular issue. And the next one. And so forth.

And everyone can know - these people really care.

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Anonymous said...

Your organization sounds like a really, really good one. I'm glad to hear how much you care about the dogs!