Thursday, August 16, 2007

A couple of things that touched me

Sometimes I just see something and it touches me and I have to get it out.

I have a home office with windows to the front yard. I had put some cat food and water out for this really tough looking tomcat I've seen in my neighborhood after I noticed he had a huge injury to his jaw and throat area. Like a big raw scrape the size of a silver dollar.

Everyone knows who this cat is because he looks so raw and tough. He is black and grey striped. Huge head with wide jaws, large frame but scrawny.

There is another little cat, probably just an adolescent that wanders around. His front right leg must have been injured because it hangs at a funny angle from the ankle and he usually doesn't put any weight on it. He is thin, too, but still has the gentle vulnerable look of a kitten.

Well, sitting at my desk this past Monday, I see the big tough tomcat come up and start eating the cat food I set out. I'm really happy because he's still alive even with that huge injury. As he's eating, the small grey kitty comes up and starts eating, too. Right under him. He just sticks his head in under the big tom's head and starts eating!

I figured the tom would angrily run him off. Before I could even finish that thought, the tom did something that brought me to tears. He started licking the little cat while he was eating!

This big tough cat, who everyone thinks is mean and a bully is grooming this little injured male cat and letting him eat first.

How is THAT for compassion from an animal! I was floored.

I am going to dedicate myself to getting those two cats to my vet and getting them whatever care they need. They really taught me a lesson about not judging, and about putting someone else before you, even when you're hurt and hungry.
Okay, here is my other story.

Last night, after dinner with a friend, I was shopping at Fiesta for groceries.

Going down the produce and dairy aisle, I noticed this young girl - like 19 or so - in a pretty white summer dress. That stands out b/c everyone there is in jeans and t-shirts or sweats.

So she's standing there looking sort of lost. She doesn't have a grocery cart. But then I noticed she was looking down at a cookbook she'd brought with her.

Wow! That just flooded me with emotion (maybe most of it in my head but it seemed so true.) To me, this girl was looking for ingredients for this recipe that she wasn't sure how to make. I bet she was making it for a new boy in her life.

I sure know how that feels. You're all excited about the new relationship. You've gotten up the nerve to invite him to dinner. You're thrilled he said yes, but now you're scrambling to choose a dinner he'll like, get your home cleaned up, figure out what to wear and cook the darn thing right.

It was so touching, It made me smile.

Does any of this have to to with Texas Hearing & Service Dogs? Not directly. But it does in that it shows the nature of someone who is very involved with THSD to say the least. The same person who felt the things described here, is the one who started THSD and who tries every day to make it better.

How 'bout that?

from a rainy morning in Austin, Texas,


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