Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cafe Woof - new July air date

Hi Americans!

Our morning show producer at FOX-TV in Austin let me know that episode #2 of Cafe Woof will air Tuesday, July 10th at 7:20 am.

Those of you who tuned in this week expecting to see me and getting Joe Montana instead - surprise! I was surprised, too.

This segment is worth the wait. "Looking for Love 101" is about how to adopt a new dog from a shelter. As you know, Texas Hearing & Service Dogs adopts 100% of our dogs from shelters and rescue groups. This episode profiles 4 people and what they want in a dog. Then, it talks about what kinds of dogs go with each of their lifestyles and takes you on a visit to Town Lake Animal Center, Austin's city shelter.

I must admit, at the shelter, I was smitten with kitten fever and took two home. If you notice any typos, blame it on the patter of little feet across my keyboard!

As with each episode of Cafe Woof, the segment opens and closes at Texas Hearing & Service Dogs' Training Center. We will soon be setting up an online archive of Cafe Woof so people who missed it, or who live outside of Austin, can see every episode.



Mary Carolyn Carmichael said...

Thanks for the great update, Sheri -- I wondered why I did not catch the segment on 7/2. Now, I must say.. TWO kittens?!!! Show us some pictures!

RLittman said...

Your segments rock! Boy, has your organization come along way in 20 years! I am so proud of you and the work THSD do. I am purchasing some shirts for the girls. By the way,if you have not done so already contact the local synagogues to provide info on THSD. All Bar and Bat Mitzvah kiddos have to do a mitzvah project which usually involves either raising awareness or funds for a charity. If you give them a flyer about your organization they can include it in their Bar/Bat Mitzvah packet they handout to kids upon entering the Hebrew school program usually around 3-4th grade. If you can, highlight any Jewish folks who have received a dog.
One more tidbit - offer overnights or 2 hour clinics for scouts to earn Pet care or other types of badges - just gear the program to the age group. This is usually popular with 9-12 year old and enormously popular. If you want info on how to structure this I can tell you the experiences we had at the zoo, NASA and Brazos Bend Observatory. Great Job! Robin Littman